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How To Choose Music For Belly Dancing

The Vibrant Music of the Middle East

Belly dance music is a broad genre of music and includes music from Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, and other Middle Eastern countries. The type of music to use while belly dancing depends on the style of belly dance and whether the person is performing, practicing, or just belly dancing for fun or as a hobby. Read on to learn about some of the basics of choosing belly dance music.

Music from the Middle East is very different from Western music. While Western music relies on melody and a varying rhythm, Eastern music primarily uses rhythm to carry the music. This type of music allows for improvisation, as the music is very free and flowing. Music used for belly dancing is very rhythmic and is very suited to the graceful, fluid movements done in belly dancing.

Types of Music for Practicing Belly Dance

If you’re interested in learning Arabic belly dance, it’s important to use authentic belly dance music to practice with. Belly dance music, whether Egyptian, Turkish, or Arabic, has a specific type of rhythm that can take some getting used to. Practicing with Middle Eastern music will help you use belly dance moves correctly.

There are an abundance of exciting Arabic belly dance performance cd’s available and also many for instruction and exercise, see a few representative titles listed on this site with more to be referenced shortly.

When practicing belly dance for fun or simply mixing belly dance in with other dance styles, there is no need to be constrained to a specific type of music. Similarly, if you are using belly dance as a way to get in shape, the music used doesn’t matter. Simply choose music that inspires you or is easy to dance to. The main thing is just do it, and enjoy the experience.

Belly Dance Music and Performing

Though most people do belly dance for fun or enjoyment, there are some who take it to the next level and take steps to perform belly dancing in public. Those who seek to perform as belly dancers, must choose music more carefully than when its just for fun because the music sets the tone for the dance. If you wish to be seen as an authentic belly dancer, then authentic music must be used.

`It is also important to use music that matches the style of dance you are doing. If, for example, you do a Turkish style belly dance performance, then you should find authentic Turkish dance music. An Egyptian style dance will need authentic Egyptian music as accompaniment.

An exception is when you are doing a fusion style belly dance number. Fusion combines traditional belly dancing with more modern genres such as jazz or hip hop. A performance of this nature can go well with any type of music you choose, but be sure to denote that the dance you are doing is fusion style. Study up on belly dance styles to make sure and choose music that matches.

Choosing the right belly dance music is important for those who wish to perform professionally or those who want to learn about the culture and history of belly dancing. When dancing for fun, any music can be used. But when performing, it is helpful to know the style of belly dance and choose the music accordingly.

Belly Dance History And Origins

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