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How To Assembling A Belly Dance Costume

For those new to the world of belly dancing, getting a costume for belly dancing may seem like a daunting task. But putting a belly dance costume together couldn’t be easier. There are just a few simple things to remember when choosing or making a costume.

Costumes for Practicing Belly Dance

If you just want a belly dance costume for practicing or taking classes, there are several options. Exercise or workout clothing is always appropriate for practicing belly dance. Sweat pants or yoga pants and a t-shirt would be just fine. Some people prefer to wear a practice costume. This can help them get in the dancing mood, and can also make them feel more feminine. If that is the case, there are several options for practice outfits. If you are taking a belly dance class, make sure to check with the teacher before purchasing an outfit. Some teachers have requirements or costumes that aren’t allowed in class. So it’s wise to check first. A practice outfit can vary in style and how dressed up you want to be. It could be anything from a hip scarf or belt added to regular workout clothing, or you could wear a peasant skirt or pantaloons paired with a midriff baring blouse. Practice outfits don’t have to be fancy or showy, but you can make them fun. These kinds of outfits can easily be found at thrift stores, or patterns exist online if you wish to make them yourself. You can spend a fortune on a practice outfit, but you don’t really need to.

Costumes for Performing Belly Dance

When considering a belly dance costume that is suitable for performance, the main thing to remember is the style. Whether you are interested in performing Egyptian style belly dancing, belly dancing in a Turkish style, or dancing a tribal style, your costume should correspond. Egyptian style costumes usually consist of a bra top and a skirt with hip accents (or a belt). Egyptian costumes are often bright and showy, with sequins or beading on the costume. Turkish costumes are very similar to Egyptian style costumes, but they often cover less of the body. The slits in the skirt usually come up higher, for example. A tribal costume, though it may seem more authentic because it covers more of the body and uses more natural fabrics and materials, was invented by someone in America. The tribal costume usually consists of a bra decorated with coins, layered skirts, and hip scarves with coins or fringe. Belly dance costumes can be fun and interesting, and there are many options. If you keep in mind that there are different styles for practice versus performance as well as the type of dance you are doing, you can get a feel for the costume you need.

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