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Belly Dance History And Origins

It will be kind of difficult to identify which belly dancing dress that can be considered as authentic. The belly dancers are known to wear the elaborated and the exotic costumes, in music as well as in pictures. But now, with anything being influenced by popular culture, the original art form of belly dancing itself has already been varied. As a result, finding out the authentic belly dancing dress would be rather confusing.

Is there really modern belly dancing dress that is authentic? The answer is, NO. it is important for you to know that the belly dancing costumes today were in fact adopted by Egyptian dancers. The dancers took the style according to the images and costumes of 1930’s and 40’s Hollywood dancers. These kinds of costumes are eventually accepted as belly dancing dress that is used all over the world. As a result, people began to regard them as the authentic belly dancing dress.

Egyptian Dancers

Egyptian dancers usually have a full mermaid style skirt of any color with a fitted bra top. You can find a fringe of beads or coins on the top of the dress. The scarf is sometimes incorporated into the routine. This costume is very popular overseas and is usually the image associated with belly dancing. However, you should keep in mind that this is actually not authentic belly dancing dress.

It was known that the traditional dancers wore costumes covering the whole body so that much part of their flesh was not shown. To highlight the movements of the dancer’s body, a scarf or belt is tied around the hips. To perform in such costumes, the dancer needs to have great skill. An amateur would do better to perform in the costumes that are commonly associated with belly dancing.

Folk dances and routines known as baladi are performed in full beaded dresses. These types of costumes are restricted to folk dances rather than the typical belly dancers which are more commonly performed in nightclubs and as entertainment. These dresses will be donned by some Western dancers when they perform such folk routines, even though they may not restrict themselves to using the costumes to folk routines.

Turkish Belly Dancing Dress

Turkish belly dancing dress is a lot more revealing than the costumes worn in Egypt. The dancers often wear skirts with very high slits exposing their whole leg. They also wear waist belts high on their waist to emphasize movement and the contours of body. The audience may find the costume very alluring. It’s important that you note that in Turkey, the use of veils is usually not practiced since this is a Western idea.

Mix and Match Your Dress

You can choose your favorite costume to wear especially if you have more knowledge about the different types of belly dancing dress as well as their origins. As a performer, just feel free to mix and match your dresses. What about veering away from what is considered traditional? You can do that if it can enhance your belly dancing performance and make you look good!

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